Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Matt Chase NEEDS YOU!

Hey everyone, you remember Matt Chase, right?  He is on our Pulse Management Action Sports team, and basically he rides like no one you've ever seen before.  Matt is one of the 20 snowboarders up for the wildcard spot at the 2014 Burton Rail Days competition in Tokyo, Japan.  Below is a video of the event from last year.  This year they are expecting more than 4,000 fans to be there to watch 17 of the world's best street snowboarders, and we want Matt to be one of them!

In order to win the wildcard spot Matt needs your vote!  He has already made it to the final round of voting, which is huge, but we need to get Matt to this event.  So please click here to vote for Matt.  The website is in Japanese, but all you have to do is click on the little blue Facebook button with the check mark on it.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for Matt, this competition is epic, and we are dying to see him in it! Voting ends November 2nd.