Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tear Sheets from Tokyo

We have posted before about when Liz Kennedy was working in Japan, but we just received these tear sheets and we had to share them with you.  To share a little backstory with you, we signed Liz about a year ago.  We knew that she had amazing potential, but we weren't ready to send her to New York right at the beginning.  She is from a small town in Minnesota, and we wanted to make sure she was ready for the crazy New York fashion industry before we sent her out there.  So we sent her first to Asia, Tokyo to be specific.  In Tokyo, we placed her with an agency that guaranteed her an agreed upon sum of money and also it helped her gain a great deal of experience.  With each job that she booked in Tokyo she gained her footing as a model, and gained confidence in herself and her modeling.  When she returned to the states both her wallet and her portfolio were richer and she was ready to take on NYC.