Friday, November 21, 2014

Look Out New York!

Liz, Olivia, and Carson in NYC

Being a model is an interesting life, especially for a teenager.  If you're lucky you pack your bags and leave sometimes for months at a time to work in other cities and countries.  If you are in high school it can be hard to leave behind friends, sports teams, etc., and since most of your hometown friends aren't models it can feel a little bit lonely.  Thats why we encourage and love it when our models become friends. It is comforting to have an ally in a new city, and it also makes everything more fun.  It also is helpful to have someone else to talk to who understands the whole world of modeling, because they are trying to navigate it too.  We have seen a ton of pictures of Olivia and Liz together, and it makes us so happy to see two of our favorite models as best friends.  Olivia is from Colorado and Liz is from Minnesota, and luckily modeling (and Pulse Managment) brought these buddies together.  While in New York recently they met up with another Pulse Management discovery, Carson Bruner.  Carson has been modeling a little bit longer than these two, so they probably enjoyed learning the ropes from someone with more experience.  Keep taking these selfies girls, we love seeing how much fun you're having!

Olivia and Liz found a new friend!