Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The "Perfect" Female Body

There is a lot of talk about having a "perfect" body, but one rarely ever hears someone talking about how they have actually attained it.  We loved THIS ARTICLE we just read about how the ideal female body has changed over the years.  

In an industry like modeling, having a flawless figure is part of the job.  At Pulse Management we are not immune to the industry's standards, but we also can have a say in what we think is beautiful and who we want to represent.  When we signed Hye Rim Park, there weren't really any working Asian supermodels at the time.  We saw the potential in Hye and we worked and worked until she was booking campaigns and on the cover of multiple issues of Vogue.

The same goes for our models' figures.  We will never tell a model she needs to weigh a certain amount, the actual pounds don't matter to us.  We will tell a model that we need her to be at the ideal size for her specific body.  We also give our models suggestions and tips to get to their peak physical form in a healthy way.  Crash diets and going without eating are not good for our models and are not sustainable in the long term.  Some of our models have very thin builds, others are more athletic, some are more curvy, and we celebrate that.  We just want our models to look their personal best, not like someone else's standards of beauty.  In the long run, you can only be yourself, and when you are confident in that you are your most beautiful.