Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Model Life: Olivia Hamilton

We use this blog to keep you all updated on the exciting jobs that our models book, but we wanted to do a post to show you that our models have lives outside of the modeling industry too.  Olivia Hamilton, who we discovered at the grocery store in Colorado, is a talented ballerina.  Her world revolved around ballet when we started working with her.  We love that Olivia was willing to give modeling a try, despite her passion for ballet.  She may not dance as much as she used too, but she still takes classes and her ballet has definitely benefitted her modeling.  We love when our models are well rounded, and have interests outside of modeling, because it helps them keep things in perspective.  We are so amazed at how hard-working and professional Olivia is for her age, and we definitely think that her ballet career taught her these things.

Stacey Eastman, Pulse Management President, said the following about Olivia:

"My girls amaze me!!!! Pulse Mgmt's Olivia Hamilton is the dream client because she's so talented in so many areas of life. Speaks volumes about her mom!!!!! Much love."

We also know that our models are only as good as the parental support they have, and we appreciate each and every one of our models' parents for trusting their child's career with us. It is a huge responsibility and we don't take it lightly!