Thursday, April 9, 2015

Happy Birthday to Marc Jacobs!

As I hopped online to day it came to my attention that it is the birthday of the one and only, Marc Jacobs.  As a fashion lover, it is my duty to wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Not only is Marc Jacobs one of the most talented fashion designers in the game right now, he is a fellow former Parsons student, so I feel like I have an extra kinship with him.

Marc Jacobs has helped bring legitimacy back to American fashion design, and his time at the helm of Louis Vuitton proved to even the most discerning fashionista that an American viewpoint and designer was just as good as his french counterpoints.

A few of our models have worked for Marc Jacobs throughout the years and each time, it has been a privilege to see our models working with the best of the best.  Hannah Holman was even cast solo in the first Daisy fragrance ads, which was huge for her career.

We wouldn't be surprised if few models from our latest crop of standouts are cast for work with Marc Jacobs soon, because right now we have the most promising group we have had in a long time.

Hye Rim Park walking in a Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Hannah Holman in various Marc Jacobs Ad Campaigns

Carson Bruner doing some print work for Marc Jacobs