Wednesday, June 24, 2015

New Editorial for Liz Kennedy

We have always though that Liz Kennedy looks pretty luminous, so the title of one of her newer editorials, "Everything is Illuminated" is very fitting.  This picture was featured in On the Rocks Magazine, and was photographed by Charlotte Wales.  Wales has photographed editorials for Vogue, W Magazine, and V Magazine amongst many others, so we were thrilled that our model Liz had the opportunity to be in a photo shoot with her.

Right now Liz is back in her hometown in Minnesota, enjoying a little bit of a summer break and hanging out with her friends.  We discover our models all over the place, so we like to see them getting back to their normal lives and being regular teenagers every once in awhile. We try to help them stay as balanced as possible. So enjoy it Liz because come September, you will be needed back on the runways in NYC!