Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Bon Voyage Ashland and Jen!

Hopefully you all remember Ashland Wendlandt, our model from Wisconsin.  Since we discovered her and launched her career she has traveled to Los Angeles, New York (multiple times), Japan, and now she is in Paris where she walked in a show for Dior! (We'll update you more about that soon) Ashland's awesome mom Jen (who is also a scout for Pulse Mgmt), has been by her side for all of these trips.  Ashland is so lucky to have not only a management team that is looking out for her best interest,e but a mother who is willing to put her own life on hold to help her daughter pursue her dreams.  Granted they are both traveling to some incredible places, but it is not without some sacrifices (including missing her son's High School Graduation).  We are so grateful not only for the parents of our models trusting us with their son/daughter's careers, but for the things they willingly give up in order to support their children.