Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feeling Nostalgic with Natalie Keyser

The other day on Facebook I saw the above picture and the following post from our model Natalie Keyser:

"So I'm packing up my apartment and I dropped a heavy box. Turns out it's all my modeling pictures. There must be at least 500 pictures here and these aren't even including my last NYC trip or Mexico trip or half of my jobs...considering I haven't even seen all of my work. I'm proud of myself. I had a wonderful career."

Seeing that pile of pictures had me thinking about all of the blog posts I have written about this talented young woman over the years, and all of the pictures posted.  To see more about the amazing things Natalie accomplished in her career click HERE.  You deserve to be proud of yourself Nat, we are proud of everything we accomplished together, and thank our lucky stars that our scout found you so many years ago.