Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces: Sarah Linnabary

When you look at the above picture you would be hard-pressed to guess the model's age.  Sarah Linnabary, one of our new faces from Texas is only 12 years old, which you can tell more when you watch the video of her and her parents below.  In general we work with models a little bit older, and according to some state laws models can't work until they are 16, but we didn't want to miss out on any time with Sarah.  We are starting her now and developing her slowly, so by the time she is 16 she will be a seasoned pro.

In the video with her parents below, we appreciated their honesty talking about how initially they were skeptical about getting Sarah started in modeling and working with us.  As a parent I totally understand their reservations, and I would probably feel the same way.  What I respect about the Linnabarys is they still held a meeting with Stacey Eastman to learn more about Pulse Management, and then they did their own research about him and the company as well.  We actually wrote a blog post about researching Pulse Management and how to tell if a source is credible or not, you can check it out HERE.

We are thrilled with how well Sarah's pictures with Timothy Rosado from her Dolls shoot turned out, and it may take awhile to get things going because of her age, but the sky is the limit with this beautiful model.  We are looking forward to managing her future career!

Sarah's Polaroids

Sarah's Photos from Timothy Rosado