Thursday, August 20, 2015

Why Developing a Model is Important

Photo from the article, taken by Kevin Tachman

Yesterday Vogue published an incredibly informative article from the point of view of a casting director.  Anita Bitton, a casting director who's clients include Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, and Alexander Wang, was interviewed and shed some light behind what casting directors look for.  She also expressed the importance of developing a model before sending her to meet with major clients.  Of course this is not news to us, as developing our models is a significant part of managing their careers.  In fact we think one of the most important things model management can do is develop their model and make sure he or she is prepared to work in whatever market we are placing him or her in.  It is why even though we knew our models like Olivia and Liz are amazing we didn't send them to New York to work right away, we sent them to other markets to build their books and experience, so when they went to work in New York, they were ready for the castings there.  We tell this to our new and potential models, but it doesn't hurt having a Vogue article to reiterate the message.