Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Model Testimonial: Emma Harris

We know that a lot of people who read our blog are people who are interested in beginning their modeling career, and sometimes are a little unsure about how and where to begin.  When we met Emma Harris and her parents in New York City for a Dolls Test Shoot, we had to shoot a video of them because we thought that their perspective and point of view would be helpful for other potential models (and their parents!).

You may remember Emma from our previous posts, and how she was scouted by us twice!  What you may not know about her, that you see in the video, is that she has protective parents (like so many of you do!).  We see so many models with protective parents, and as parents ourselves, we totally understand where they are coming from!  The modeling industry is intimidating and is notoriously wrought with scams and scandals, so when we see skeptical parents we aren't the least bit surprised or phased.  We actually posted this to help people more efficiently research us (and any other companies) online.

What we love about Emma, her parents, and so many other of our models' parents, is that despite their initial worries or hesitations, they do their research and then trust what they see from our actual working models and their parents' testimonials.  It is completely normal to be intimidated or a little afraid before embarking on a new journey like modeling, but our models that have found success are the ones who take the first steps anyway.  They decide trust us to lead them in their careers.

Emma's dad is a detective.  Seriously, he does detective work for his profession, and he found us suitable for his daughter's model management.  So please watch the video and hear from the Harris' in their own words, why they decided to work with Pulse Management.  We would like to thank the Harris family for agreeing to do this testimonial, and for being so awesome! As you see in the video they are fun to have around, and we are so excited to have a working relationship with them, as well as a friendship.

Photos by Timothy Rosado