Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Way to Go Sarah!

We are more than a little bit biased but we think that our models are truly exceptional people both in front of the camera and in their real lives.  Amongst our models we have athletes, scholars, artists, writers, dancers, and more.  They have so many talents that we appreciate and celebrate.  

Sarah Linnabary just helped her team win the district championships, and this is especially notable because she is a 7th grader, but she plays on the 8th grade team.  We can only imagine the hours of practice that go into winning a championship like this, and we are so proud of Sarah!  

She is one of our new faces, you may remember this post we did about her test shoot with Timothy Rosado.  It ended up being one of our most viewed posts of that month, so we think that you all are as big of fans of Sarah as we are!  Just in case you missed them, here are a few pictures from her shoot.