Tuesday, November 3, 2015

From One Model Parent to Another

Avery Thiemann photographed by Jeremy James

As a model management company there are a lot of rewards to our line of work.  Seeing our models on magazine covers and walking down runways worldwide is extremely gratifying and we love being able to help change a model's life for the better. Hands down though, the best part of managing models is the incredible people we get to meet, and the relationships that we build with them.

At our last Dolls Shoot in New York City, we met some really noteworthy young women and their family members that came with them.  We met some brothers, aunts, and a lot of moms. We get a lot of feedback that the our models and their moms (or whoever brought them) love the photoshoot not only for the modeling experience and the photos, but for the bonding experience it provides them.

The model pictured in this post is Avery Thiemann, who traveled with her mom Amber to New York from the state of Washington.  After the shoot Amber emailed us to thank us for the experience, and we thought it would be helpful for any potential models out there.  So if you're thinking about signing with Pulse please read the feedback below because it may answer some of your questions.  The second paragraph about how Avery is finally feeling comfortable and confident about herself, that alone makes everything we do worth it.  Thank you Amber for trusting us with your daughter, and for letting us share your email.

"To see you and your husband (Shayna and Stacey Eastman) work as a team, to see you as people, as parents, not just email replies. People who love their work are easy to spot. And that was wonderful about the two of you. You compliment each other so well. Getting one on one time to work with posing, posture, walks was incredible. Those are things looking at magazines or tromping thru the kitchen in stilletos can't teach you. Watching other girls and learning from their strengths or seeing their different approach was really helpful. The styling was great. Bringing a bunch of pieces, not knowing what shoots well, colors, textures was something I had no clue how to plan around. And the informational portion was by far the part that FINALLY put my mom-heart to ease. When you start looking into modeling agencies, morality isn't high on their list. It's what impressed me most about you both and Pulse Management. I understand it's a job, but you understand it's my child. She's a person. I appreciated your stands on social media, eating disorders, boyfriends, drugs, alcohol and nudity." 

"Avery came out of this with a new confidence. She's 12 and has been a foot or more taller than everyone her age since she was 9. It's embarrassing as a girl to tower over a crowd of boys. She used to hunch, slouch trying to hide her height just a little. She only wore flats, never anything with a lift to it. Avery has been called stork, giraffe, awkward, gawky- every "insult" imaginable related to her size. I've always told her "someday you'll realize being tall,  thin and blond" isn't the worst thing that can happen to a girl. This opportunity has put that in perspective for her. It's been so beautiful to see her come out and embrace who she is. To feel beautiful. To walk tall, with her head up and know there's a place for her and all her glorious height. That there's an entire industry that loves and devours her size. For that alone, I can not thank you enough for giving her this chance. To put her in a room full of other girls who resemble her, who carry the same self critique and have heard all the same remarks. Thank you for opening her up to who she is." 

Amber and Avery in NYC