Thursday, December 31, 2015

Olivia Hamilton on Health

Well apparently this week is Liz and Olivia week, but these two beautiful best friends keep providing us with material that is too good not to share with all of you. Yesterday morning Olivia Hamilton posted a Facebook status about health that really verbalized exactly what we try to tell our models all the time. In order to model you have to have a certain figure, and really it is more about keeping up your overall health, than just losing weight. In order to be able to model you have to have the stamina to be in front of the camera (which sometimes entails running, jumping, dancing, etc.), not to mention be able to run from casting to casting, and be able to do a lot of it in stilettos. Having models who will be able to keep themselves healthy is key, because if a model is starving herself to just be thin there is no way she will be able to keep up with her career (not to mention how unhealthy that is!).

Olivia said, "I think a lot of people struggle with the concept of health. Just because someone's skinny doesn't mean they are healthy and just because someone is healthy doesn't mean they are skinny. Any size person can be malnourished and any size person can be healthy to a degree. The difference is a diet of veggies, fruit, lean proteins, and whole grains versus a diet of skipping meals, restricting calories, etc. With the right amount of healthy portion control, healthy foods, and exercising, your results will be far better than the other route. I don't understand why people choose to do it the unhealthy way instead of increase their life span and live a happy, healthy life. In the long run that's what matters."

So the moral of the story is, we want you all to be healthy, especially as the New Year approaches and everyone is making their resolutions. Don't look for short cuts to a perfect body, instead focus on your overall health and choose a way to get healthy that you can sustain for the long run.