Thursday, January 21, 2016

Interview with Lilli Junge

We know that a lot of you who read this blog are either potential models, or their parents who are trying to learn a little bit more about us. We are posting these videos for you to see a little bit more about who some of our models are and how they have felt on their journeys so far. We also want you all to get to know our models a little bit better, because we think they have such fun personalities to go along with their beautiful exteriors. 

We are so glad that Lilli and her mom came out to New York city for their test shoot, and we loved seeing the bonding experience that happens between these mothers and daughters. Not only did Lilli have her first test shoot, she and her mom explored the city, and caught a broadway show. We're glad you enjoyed New York Lilli, because we see potential in you that could have you spending a lot of time there in the future.