Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Model Life: Advice from A Major Casting Director

Models.com recently ran an enlightening interview with casting director, John Pfeiffer. In the article Pfeiffer details how his career began, and what it is like casting models for some of the biggest clients in the fashion industry (Victoria's Secret and Michael Kors are two of his many clients). We like to use our blog as a way to educate our current and potential models about the modeling industry, and we think that this article will be very helpful for anyone who is wanting to be a model. A casting director can make or break a model's career, because in Pfeiffer's words:

"My job and I think the job of a casting director is that of a first set of eyes, and of an editor, because the client can’t see all those girls."

A good casting director knows what his/her clients are looking for, and they see sometimes hundreds of models to bring their clients the right model for the job. If you have time to read the entire article, I highly recommend it because it helps you realize what is going on in the head of the people on the other side of the casting tables. I especially liked the part when Pfeiffer gave the following advice to models: 

"Do your research and be educated and know as much as you can about where you’re going and who you are seeing and what you’re doing."