Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Mia Speicher

We are the first ones to understand when parents come to us with concerns about getting their child started in modeling.  It is an intimidating industry that is notorious for having people trying to scam the uninformed out of their money and sometimes away from their moral code.  Stacey and Shayna Eastman (President and COO of Pulse Management), and not only a husband and wife team, they are parents to six lovely children, so they fully understand all of the responsibility that comes with parenting.  It is also why they don't take the responsibility lightly when it comes to managing a model.

As you will hear in the video below, we waited quite awhile to finally do a test shoot with Mia.  It took five years (FIVE!), from when we first scouted Mia in Colorado for her to come and do a test shoot with us.  We patiently waited and answered and questions and concerns that they had, and finally we are able to get this girl's career going!

We didn't know if we were ever going to get a chance to work with this beautiful young woman, and we are thrilled that we are now managing her!  Good things come to those who wait, and Mia we are so excited to get going with your career.

Mia and her Mom


Pictures from her Dolls Shoot with Timothy Rosado