Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Pulse MGMT from Nicole Lichtenberg

Hi Stacey,

I hope you are having a great Holiday Season! I have been home for the past few months being a

senior. Most recently I spent part of my summer in N.Y. working with elite. Among the jobs I did was a shoot for French Magazine, it was really cool and fun to meet and work with Thierry Le Goues.

Then I headed to Singapore for a couple of months. I was on my first COVER!!! Style Singapore and coincidently it was also the first interactive ipad magazine, so there's a fun fact. I also shot for Harper's Bazaar, Her World Brides,Teen magazine, and have done work for various designer look books/catalogs. I was able to shoot with Urban Outfitters twice so it was great to visit Philadelphia.

I am excited about going to college and back East seems like the smart place to be, only a train ride away from the agency. I go to work alone now, plane flights, cars, drivers, taxi's, subways, roommates in model housing, interns usually accompany me when needed and I have had all great experiences and have met some of the most talented people in the world.

I have actually said "I'm sorry, I am not comfortable with this or that" not often, but I have and the photographer was completely cool with it and still used me in the's always best to stay true to yourself and speak up. I remember you telling my parents and I on the phone "they'll either use you or they won't but it's up to you to speak up if you are not comfortable doing or wearing something", still good advice.

I always know in the back of my mind if I need anything I can call elite or YOU Stacey and have your numbers with me always. Pulse management and elite genuinely care about the models they work with and I love and miss everyone when I am not working. I love school too and appreciate that I can do both. Stacey I wish you and your beautiful family a Very Merry Christmas!!


Nicole Lichtenberg