Friday, May 15, 2015

Andy Blunt

Most of you know us as model management, but we also manage action sports athletes.  Action sports are a passion of Pulse Management President, Stacey Eastman.  Where Stacey exceeds is finding crossover opportunities for the athletes within the fashion world.  One example of this is when we booked Andy Blunt, who we represented for a few different action sports, a campaign with Abercrombie and Fitch.  This is where we differ from regular model or sports management.  We exist and thrive in both markets.  We recently got the following message from Andy, and were so touched that we had to share it with you all.

"Stacey Eastman has run Pulse Management for years.  He got me the Abercrombie job back in college and quickly became a good friend.  He didn't get me the booking by sending me out on a million auditions or just sending my info out (though he can and does send his talents' info out to all of the important contacts).  He knew how to get me in front of the decision makers and got it done.   Since then Pulse has grown immensely.  Stacey is big-time and connected to all the right people to grow his talents' careers properly.  More important than any of that is that Stacey is a good man and great guy.  He's a father and family man, active LDS and all around is one to do the right thing be it with his talent or family and friends.  He is stand-up.  When I modeled he took care of me like an older brother would and looked out for my best interests.   He handles high-fashion models as well as action sports athletes.  In fact he represents a couple of good surfers.  He has family ties to San Diego and is a surfer, snowboarder and kiteborder.  He gets San Diego and those of us that grew up there and will get you and your boys immediately and knows the surf industry..." - Andy Blunt