Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Modeling's New It Boy, Lucky Blue Smith

Let us start off this post by clarifying that we do not represent Lucky Blue Smith.  We have been keeping an eye on his career, as has the rest of the fashion industry along with about a half a million girls around the world.  What we know of Lucky Blue we love!  He is a teenager, who is close with his family (they all moved from their home in Utah to a 2 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles to be together while the kids started their modeling careers), and is committed to his religion.  These are the kinds of models the industry needs more of! There are a couple of great articles about Lucky Blue Smith here and here.

We never try to deny that the fashion industry can be a precarious one, to say the least.   We try to have a positive impact on the models we work with, and the industry in general. It is always nice to see that there are other people in the industry that have values and morals that they will heed to regardless of what the industry's norm may be.

Pulse Management Scout, Tamara Muth King, is also an incredible photographer.  She took the below pictures of Lucky Blue for one of his very first test shoots.  Tamara captured what the rest of the industry is seeing, a true superstar.  We couldn't be happier to have Tamara scouting for us, because she has an incredible eye.  If only she was our scout when she first shot Lucky Blue!