Friday, July 31, 2015

Pulse Management Girls on the Go!

 Andrea Steele

This is definitely turning out to be a hot summer for some of our models!  We posted about Andrea Steele in New York a few weeks ago, and now she is headed off to Tokyo.  She has a contract there and we can't wait to see the work she does during her trip.  We have sent many of our models to Tokyo including Ashland, Liz, and Olivia and it has been a pivotal place for each of their careers.  Good luck Andrea, we are so excited for you!

Mia Speicher and her Mom

Yesterday we posted about one of our new models, Mia.  Keep in mind she just did her first test shoot last week.  Things are moving fast for this beauty because within a week's time she and her mom are headed out to Miami where we saw a lot of interest for her.  Sometimes things move quickly for a model, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time to gain some momentum.  In Mia's case she waited five years to do her test shoot, but now that we finally got some professional pictures of her things are moving quickly.  Have fun in Miami ladies, hopefully you get a little time on the beach in between castings and photoshoots!