Monday, September 21, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Sophia Skloss for Delpozo

Sophia's first look in the show

Last week while some of the Pulse Management crew was in New York City for Fashion Week, we  had the pleasure to watch our model Sophia Skloss in the Delpozo Spring 2016 Ready-to-wear show. We went to dinner with Sophia and her mom Karin, the night before the show and she was telling us all about how chaotic fashion week had been, but also about how much she was loving it.

It was such a treat getting to watch Sophia walk the runway, especially at a show as beautiful as this one.  One of the things I loved the most about watching this particular show, is that the hair and makeup wasn't over the top, it just allowed the models to look like themselves.  (My front row seat (!!!) also helped me see all of the details of the clothing, bags, and shoes that may have been harder to catch by viewing the pictures online later)

While we were waiting for the show to start we had the opportunity to chat with Sophia's mom, and I have to say how impressed I was with both her and Sophia.  She mentioned that as parents, she and Sophia's dad prioritize Sophia's education and her grades.  When she wanted to go to this NYFW, her dad said she would only be able to go if her grades were at a certain level. So Sophia worked hard and got her grades where they needed to be so she would be able to walk in the shows.  Sometimes being a model looks glamorous (which it can be), but there is also a lot of work that goes into it, including keeping up with your school work, and it shows a lot about Sophia that she is willing to put in the work so she can continue with her career.

Sophia is currently in London walking the runways for London Fashion week, and we will keep you updated on all of her exciting bookings there. In the meantime enjoy these photos and videos that will give you a behind the scenes and up close look at this amazingly beautiful fashion show.

Sophia's second look in the show

Pulse President, Stacey Eastman backstage admiring Sophia's looks for the show

Part of the watercolored line-up for the show

 Sophia in hair and makeup

 Look at the team all working to get her ready for the show!

Lisa and Stacey waiting for the show to begin

Sophia's first look coming down the runway
Up close look of Sophia

 Lisa sitting front row capturing some of the looks

Bergdorf's (the famed department store) instagrammed this pic, and if you look really closely you can spot Lisa sitting front row!

 Lisa (PR), Stacey (President), and Nancy (Scout) after the show