Thursday, September 24, 2015

NYFW: Sophia Skloss' Whirlwind Week

Our model Sophia Skloss is currently in Milan walking the runways for Milan Fashion Week, but we have to catch you all up on the rest of the shows she walked in for NYFW.  When we met up with Sophia and her mom, she was telling us about finishing one show, and the running through the city to make it on time to the next show, and as you scan through these pictures you can see why she had such a crazy pace.  Sophia was not only walking in a lot of fashion shows, she was walking in some of the biggest shows of the entire season!  Sophia, we can barely keep up with just writing about you, and that makes us so proud!  Keep up the good work in Europe, we will be posting about all of your London shows next week, followed by your bookings in Milan. (Each link with the designers' names will take you to the Vogue review of the show)