Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Pics of Hazel Eakman and Izzy Bowen

The only thing better than getting back photos of one of your models, is getting photos back from a shoot that has two of your models!  While in New York City, Hazel Eakman and Izzy Bowen, modeled in a test shoot together for photographer Rodrigo Cid.  Looking at these pictures you wouldn't think that both Hazel and Izzy are two of our newer models, they look like seasoned pros.  A good photographer combined with a new model's natural instincts and abilities can create an end product like this test shoot, where you would have no idea that the models are fairly new in front of the camera.

Rodrigo also photographed Kendall Jenner when she was starting out and that turned out pretty well for Kendall.  So we are hoping his hot streak continues with our models Hazel and Izzy!