Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces: Hailey Henderson

Our scout Lacey has found us some major stars over the years, and it looks like she has found us another one in Hailey Henderson.  In the video below you can hear Hailey and her mom share how they ended up in New York City at the Dolls Model Management shoot from their hometown in San Diego.  

Hailey and Amanda Henderson are every bit as fun as they seem in the video, and their mother/daughter relationship will serve them well as they embark on Hailey's modeling career.  Model moms (and sometimes dads/grandparents/older siblings etc.) are the unsung heroes for each model.  The moms usually travel all over the world and make huge sacrifices to help their child pursue a modeling career.  If what we saw in New York is any indication, Amanda is going to be a huge support for Hailey, and those two are going to have a great time no matter where Hailey's modeling ends up taking them.

In the meantime enjoy these pictures of Hailey (all by Timothy Rosado, and her makeup is by Aracely Arocho).  Hailey has a really unique and cool editorial vibe going, and we're totally digging it!  We can't wait to see who else is too!