Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Video of Alex Romney

We tell our models all the time how important their personality is for their career.  Beautiful models are a dime a dozen, and their personality is what is going to set them apart from all of the other models at the castings they go to.  At their photoshoots, being upbeat and positive makes a big impression on the rest of the crew.  No one wants to work (in any capacity) with someone who is complaining all the time.

Some models are more reserved, and it is a challenge to be outgoing and upbeat in front of the camera.  Our model Alex Romney is not one of them.  We recently received this video from her, and it shows why we love her so much.  Her fun personality is infectious, and we know that it is a big reason why people love having her on jobs.  Remember this Aeropostale shoot she did?  Some of the bookers at the agencies we have set up Alex to work with even send out videos like this of her to potential clients, and we can definitely see why.

Alex, you are amazing, and we love managing your career!