Thursday, November 12, 2015

Liz Kennedy in London

At this point I'm thinking it would be difficult to take a bad photo of our model Liz Kennedy. When we scouted Liz in Minnesota, we knew she had a face like we had never seen, and we HAD to represent her.  We will forever be grateful that she and her family trusted us to launch and manage her career, and now we're thinking there are plenty of photographers, agents, bookers, editors, etc. that are so glad we started her career.  

Over the summer Liz (and her best friend, Olivia Hamilton) spent some time in London, and we have to say the pictures we are seeing from her time over there are some of her best pictures yet!  Lately Liz has a confidence we can see in her photos that we can't get enough of.  While in London Liz is placed with The Hive Management in London, and we think they were a great fit for her.

 Photo by Rodrigo Carmuega