Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Supermodels and Social Media

Liz Kennedy and Olivia Hamilton in Japan

"The impact of the Internet on the modeling industry cannot be overstated." -- VOGUE

Last week Vogue ran an incredibly insightful article about models, the impact of social media on their careers, and how live-streaming will affect their online following.  It is no secret that a model's number of followers on sites like Instagram and Twitter, can be the deciding factor if he/she books a job.  In fact now when we meet our models for their Dolls Model Management test shoots, we discuss social media with them. It is too important not to have a candid discussion with them about it,  especially when it comes to social media safety!

If you're interested in the article, (and if you're one of our models you NEED to read it), click here to read it in its entirety.