Thursday, January 7, 2016

CHANEL N°5: The One That I Want - The Film

If you follow our instagram, you saw the above picture posted the other day, and we can't help sharing a little bit more of the story behind the photo. Stacey Eastman, Pulse Management President, loves surfing so much he moved his family to Hawaii so it could be a part of their daily lifestyle. So when we see anything involving surfing and the world of high fashion together? It is like someone else is speaking our language, that we didn't even think other people knew existed. When Gisele Bundchen starred in the campaign for Chanel No. 5 and there was a surfing element to the campaign, we were in fashion heaven, and in case you missed it the video is below. 

The only problem with this video is that the surfboards are custom made for the campaign. So we need one of our models to book the next Chanel campaign, and ask Karl to make us one. (Our models have worked for Chanel before so its not too much of a stretch.)