Friday, January 8, 2016

Hazel's Living Her Dream

Behind the scenes video from one of Hazel's recent shoots

Yesterday our model Hazel Eakman, posted something on her instagram that made us all kinds of happy. She wrote:

  • hazelgrayeSometimes I have to blink a few extra times to make sure this dream of a life I'm living is real. So thankful for every opportunity I was given in 2015 and so excited for all the opportunities to come in 2016 🤘🏻😄
    @fusionmodelsnyc @pulsemgmt

    We know when we scout our models, we have the ability and potential to really change the course of their lives. Some of our models end up traveling the world, seeing places and meeting people that they never would have if we never scouted them. We have had a few of our models meet their spouses through their modeling careers, and some of them now have families of their own. It is incredibly rewarding to help people live their dreams, and we absolutely love doing it.

    Hazel, when we scouted you in Minnesota, we knew you had so much potential. We have loved seeing you develop as a model and a person during your time in New York City, and we know that you still have many great things ahead both in your modeling career and in your life. 
A couple of Behind the Scenes Photos from Hazel's recent shoots