Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hye Rim Park for Grazia Korea

We have had a lot of successes with our models, but few make us as proud as that of Hye Rim Park.  When we scouted Hye there were really no working Asian supermodels.  That didn't deter us though, because we knew that Hye's beauty had all the potential in the world, we just had to get other people to see it too.  It took us awhile (years) to get some momentum going with Hye, but once we did, her career took off and she has booked jobs that most models only dream of (Vogue Covers, MAC Campaign, etc).

It has been a while since we launched Hye's career, and now there are so many successful Asian models we can't even keep track of them all.  It is a testament to Hye that she is still working, and booking jobs like this Grazia editorial.  This editorial is in the current (June 2015) issue of Grazia Korea, and Hye looks just as amazing as the day we signed her.