Monday, June 1, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Gia Whited for Vogue Italia

It's not everyday that one of our models makes a debut for Vogue.  Then compound that excitement by about 100, and you will understand how we felt when we found out Gia booked this video for Vogue Italia alongside Anthony Kiedis, Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Moby, Steve-O and more!  This video is to promote Animals Asia's campaign for the mistreatment of bears.  You can see more about the project here.  The promo video was also written up about here in Rolling Stone and here in the NY Daily News.  Yeah, its pretty major.  According to Gia, she was just joking around onset and did't even realize they were rolling, and then it ended up as one of the promos for the project. Way to go, Gia!