Thursday, June 4, 2015

Look Out New York!

New York City, consider yourself warned, we have a new crop of models taking over the town! Pulse Management's Georgia Weeks, Kristina Jordan, Hazel Eakman, and Andrea Steele have arrived in NYC and have hit the ground running.  Each of these models were discovered in their hometowns, and are now learning the ropes with the guidance of our partner Fusion Model Management.  These four are navigating the city, going to castings, and getting a little sightseeing in on the side.

We have posted about this before, but we can't say enough how much we love when our models become friends with each other.  Yes, the modeling industry is a competitive one, which is even more of a reason that each of our models need each other as friends.  It is important to have someone who can relate to this crazy world, and understands the ups and downs that comes along with being a model.

Georgia, Kristina, Hazel, and Andrea we love seeing you all together, and we can't wait to see what you all have ahead in your respective careers.  Thank you for trusting us, and being a part of the Pulse Management Team!